Terms & Conditions

Lazy Days Caravan Park

Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Stay

We look forward to welcoming you to Lazy Days Caravan Park and will make every effort to meet your requirements. If there is an instance where we are unable to accommodate your requests, please be aware that any form of aggressive or unpleasant behaviour towards our staff will not be tolerated.

1.Check in / Check out Time

1.1.Holiday Homes:

1.1.1.Guest check-in time is 2pm. If rooms are requested prior to check-in time, this will be accommodated, as rooms become available.

1.1.2.Check-out time is 10am. If available, our staff can arrange a 12pm late departure for a $20.00 fee.

1.2.Camping Sites:

Your site is available from 12pm on your holiday start date. You will need to vacate your site by 10am on the day of your departure.

1.3.Late Arrivals

If you think you'll arrive after 6pm on the day of your arrival, please contact the Lazy Days Caravan Park Park directly so that we can make arrangements for you to check-in and collect your keys.

2.Pets (not allowed in Roofed Accommodation, sites only)

2.1.Your pet remains your responsibility throughout your stay.

2.2.A $20 pet deposit will be taken at check-in. This is refundable at check-out if the guidelines are followed.

2.3.We are pleased to welcome most dogs at our parks, however, some breeds of dog are not allowed, this is at the discretion of the Park Managers.

2.4.Assistance dogs for disabled guests are exempt from these requirements and charges.

2.5.Pets must be kept on a lead at all times and you must clean up after your pet. Pets (other than assistance dogs) are not allowed in any of our park facilities or play areas.

2.6.Guests with Pets are not allowed to book or stay in roofed accommodation. If any animal is found in the holiday homes or ensuites, this will result in loss of deposit and an additional cleaning fee of $200.00.

2.7.If we reasonably believe your pet is causing a nuisance, behaving dangerously or causing damage to the property, you will be required to remove it from the park. No refunds will be provided in these instances.


3.1.It is illegal to smoke inside enclosed public buildings and you and other members of your party are requested to smoke only in those areas which have been clearly designated as such (this excludes any area near the playground and jumping pillows). Smoking is also strictly forbidden in all of our holiday accommodation. A $500 cleaning fee applies if there is smoking in the holiday accommodation.


4.1.In our swimming pools, bouncing pillows and play equipment, children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

4.2.Please be aware that occasionally we need to close or withdraw certain facilities (e.g. for safety, maintenance or other reasons beyond our control).

4.3.Fire Pits (Walpole only): Fire must be in circular enclosed fire drum/container at least 300mm off the ground and monitored at all times. All fire restrictions must be adhered to at all times.

4.4.All waste water not being drained into the site sump drain must be collected into a bucket and emptied into the appropriate Sump point. If not, a fine of $200 will be issued by DPAW.

5.Use of your Holiday Home or Site

5.1.You are required to take care of your holiday home whilst you occupy it. At the end of your holiday you must leave your holiday accommodation in a reasonable and tidy condition.

5.2.We reserve the right to enter your accommodation, at any reasonable time during your stay, in order to inspect the condition of the accommodation or without notice in the event of emergency.

6.Lazy Days Caravan Park do not accept any responsibility for the theft or loss of your personal possessions whilst on our parks or whilst you are in your holiday accommodation and you should take appropriate security measures to ensure against theft and or loss.

7.Behaviour in Lazy Days Caravan Park's parks

7.1.Our parks are used primarily by families and we would ask that the behaviour of you and your party reflects this fact. Noisy, offensive or inappropriate behaviour or actions likely to cause harm to any other guest, members of our staff or anyone's property at the holiday park will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to refuse entry to and/or eject any person who, in the reasonable opinion of the management of the park, does not comply with these standards of behaviour.

7.2.All children must be properly supervised by parents or guardians throughout your holiday. We reserve the right to deny access to our facilities if, in the reasonable opinion of the management of the park, we believe that any child or children will be unduly disruptive.

8.Guests with specific needs

Some of our holiday homes offer specific accommodation suitable for wheelchairs or those who may have mobility difficulties. However certain accommodation and locations may not be suitable. If your party includes someone with specific requirements, please let us know at the time of booking.

9.Visitors & Driving

9.1.Registered guests are permitted to have visitors during their stay. All vehicles and guests must be registered with the Office reception prior to entry and park in the visitor's carpark. Please note that only registered guests may use the park facilities, in fairness to all our paying guests.

9.2.All visitors not staying in the park must vacate the park by 9:30pm.

9.3.Guests and their visitors may not engage in any illegal activity at any time whilst on the Park's property.

9.4.You and your guests should comply with the 8km/hour speed limit, parking and other traffic regulations on our parks. All vehicles are brought onto the holiday park at their owner's risk and Lazy Days Caravan Park do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to these except where it is caused by our negligence or fault.


10.1.ID will be required to be presented at check-in for all Accommodation units and cabins
10.2.Online bookings through third party websites will not be eligible for any discount (this includes Top Parks)


11.1.Online Bookings

11.1.1.One night's deposit is required at time of booking.

11.1.2.Top Park and all other discounts will only be applied at the time of check-in (excludes OTA and third party bookings, no discount can be applied to these bookings).

11.2.Booking Deposits

11.2.1.A payment of not less than one night's accommodate is required as a deposit at the time of booking. This will be subtracted from your final tariff upon settlement.

11.2.2.A credit card number will be taken with every booking. The Credit Card will not be used without your authorization.

11.3.Peak Season

11.3.1.Peak season includes Christmas period, Easter periods, school holidays, long weekends and event weekends/dates.

11.4.Mid & Low Season

11.4.1.Low season is any time outside of Peak Mid Season.


12.1.Compassionate Cancellation

12.1.1.It is at the sole discretion of the Managers of the Lazy Days Caravan Park to provide a cancellation and refund of deposit outside of below terms on compassionate grounds. However, a $20 administration/ booking fee may be taken from your deposit and the remainder returned to your credit card.

12.2.We do not offer cash refunds.

13.Cancellation & Refunds

13.1.It remains the discretion of the Park Manager to modify the following terms and conditions for exceptional circumstances.

13.2.Should you need to cancel your booking you must advise us by telephone and then confirm this cancellation in writing to us by post, fax, or email quoting your booking reference number. Your cancellation will only be effective as at the date we receive your written confirmation.

13.3.If you cancel your holiday within 14 days of your booking/arrival date, 100% of the booking total will be charged by Lazy Days Caravan Park (subject to Manager discretion).

13.4.If you cancel your stay providing more than 14 days notice from your arrival/booking date, either 1 night of your total booking cost will be charged by Lazy Days Caravan Park (subject to Manager discretion) or a $20 administration fee.

13.5.We do not offer cash refunds.

13.6.Cancellation or changes by us

13.6.1.In exceptional circumstances, we may have to cancel or change some aspects of your booking. If we do so, we will tell you as soon as possible prior to your holiday date and you may choose to either: the changes offered by us a full refund an alternative holiday with us at the same price.

13.6.2.We do not pay compensation in circumstances where we have to cancel your booking including those arising from Force Majeure.

14.Under 18's Policy

14.1.We are unable to accept bookings by anyone under the age of 18.

14.2.All guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times during their stay.

14.3.We do not have the policies, procedures or resources to accommodate the unique needs of school leavers during the annual 'Schoolies' Period.

14.4.In particular we do not have adequate resources to engage qualified security personnel to guarantee the safety, comfort and convenience of our families and guests during this period.

14.5.For this reason we reserve the right to reject bookings from or for school and/or university leavers for the period 22nd October to 17th December.

14.6.If you still choose to book your accommodation with us and it turns out that you are school leavers, or you have school leavers in your party your booking will be cancelled and cancellation fees will be forfeited at the discretion of management.

15.Sundry Hire

15.1.Cots & High Chairs

15.1.1.Cots & Highchairs are available to accommodation guests at no extra cost, please advise us at time of booking if you require them.

15.2.Fold Away Beds

15.2.1.Fold out beds can be hired (subject to Park availability). Fold out beds include linen, pillows and towels.

16.Fire Pit Policy

16.1.Fire pits are available to hire from selected parks. A one-off hire fee of $20.00 is payable to hire a fire pit.


16.3.Fire must be in an enclosed fire drum/container at least 300 mm off the ground. It remains the guest responsibility to ensure grass beneath the fire pit cannot become scorched or burnt. $100 fine will be imposed to repair any affected area.

16.4.Fire pits and fire areas must be kept neat at all times and all wood and fire debris removed with the area left tidy during your stay and on check-out.

16.5.Please do not dispose of hot ashes in the Parks bins. If Fire or smoke is becoming dangerous or harmful to other guests, the fire will be extinguished.

16.6.Wood or other material is not to be collected from Park grounds for use in fire pit.

16.7.If these terms are not adhered to, a $100 cleaning fee and up to a $500 re-vegetation fee will be imposed.

16.8.The Park also reserves the right to evict guests from the park who do not abide by the above terms.

17. Sulage Policy

17.1.Please ensure all sullage (waste water) is collected into a bucket & emptied into sump drain or hose is in sump drain. If not a $200 fine will be issued by the Park.

Website Images

Please note that all units (cabins, sites, etc) have subtle differences in fit and fitout. We at Lazy Days Caravan Park endeavour to place you in the accommodation shown in the images at the time of booking however due to availability this may not be possible. As such, your booked unit(s) may differ slightly to the images shown at the time of booking.